• The app icon
  • The hub; an interactive map of Pompeii
  • Tapping certain areas of the map will zoom in at "street level", allowing the user to explore in detail
  • Further exploration within these images can bring up more detailed accounts of the goings on around town
  • Pompeii Unearthed.


    Pompeii Unearthed is a mock up and proof of concept for an educational app aimed at children learning about life in the town of Pompeii. The app aims to recreate a vision of how the town would have looked and functioned prior to its destruction in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

    When researching how to visually inform about Pompeii, I started by trawling through old textbooks used to teach Latin in schools. My favourites supplemented historical information and vocabulary tests with translatable stories that brought the settlement to life, and this is what inspired the concept of this tool. The aim was to take this effective, character-driven way of passing on information and injecting new life into it using digital media. In it’s full (unrealistically expensive!) scope, I see the app containing a variety of visual languages, from illustration to animation to live-action footage. We’ve seen plenty of accounts via publications, films and documentaries, but I’ve always loved the idea of having your own interactive map of Pompeii to look through at your convenience.