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  • Voice Active.


    Voice Active is a B2B sales company that specialises in sourcing and providing headsets for clients. The existing identity, while perfectly functional, had become outdated in recent years, while their website and marketing material was busy and unintuitive for the contemporary user. I was approached to take over creative output, and put in charge of overhauling the company’s marketing material; namely their product brochures. In doing this, we negotiated that an entire brand refresh was in order, and I developed a fresher and more playful logo.

    The revamp culminated in a new website, which I built from the ground up using HTML and CSS coding. As with the other areas of the rebrand, in designing this simple online hub for the business I aimed to make it as accessible and easy for the user as possible, rather than try to dazzle them with sparkly web development gimmicks. The relaunch has seen renewed interest in the business and has widely been deemed much easier to use.